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Upcoming Activities:

Date Format, Faculty Title Activity
December 7, 2021
Peek, Harrington
Addressing Racial Disparities in Orthopedic Care
December 8, 2021
Ailani, Goadsby, Tietjen
Stopping Pain in Its Tracks: Optimizing Acute Migraine Therapy
December 15, 2021
Wohl, Ahonkhai, Ogbuagu
COVID-19: Setting the Stage for Improved Outcomes with Targeted Therapies
December 16, 2021
Chui, Olivo, Park
Topical Hemostatic Agents in Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Team Approach
December 17, 2021
Peek, Goree
Achieving Equity in the Management of Chronic Pain: Treating the Whole Patient
January 6, 2022
Racial Disparities in Melanoma Care: Steps to Improve Care
January 11, 2022
Patel, Busch, Isaacs
Live Q&A: Halting Drivers of Chronic Kidney Disease Progression
January 13, 2022
Live Q&A: Schizophrenia is a Whole-Body Disease: Examining the Impact of Comorbidities on Morbidity and Mortality
January 19, 2022
Ahead of the Game: Updates in Multi-Cancer Early Detection Tests
January 24, 2022
Diagnosis and Individualized Management of von Willebrand Disease: Expert Perspectives on Synthesizing and Contextualizing the Evidence
February 8, 2022
Live Q&A: Stopping Pain in Its Tracks: Optimizing Acute Migraine Therapy
February 10, 2022
Gao, Jonasch
Live Q&A: What's Next for the Treatment of ccRCC? HIF2a Inhibitors: Angiogenesis, Tumorigenesis, and Emerging Agents


Archived Activities:

Expiration Format, Faculty Title Activity
View Online
July 14, 2024 Webcast
Peek, Cohen, Stanford
Call to Action for Health Equity: Racial Disparities in the Care of Patients with Cardiometabolic Disease
December 20, 2022 Webcast
Younossi, Cave, Martinez, Ramers
Creating Action Steps for Linking Underserved Populations with Hepatitis C Care
October 8, 2022 Webcast
Cohen, Brody, Tariot
Looking Ahead: Integrating Emerging Therapies and Tools in Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease
July 28, 2022 Webcast
Lester, Takeshita
The Patient Voice: Defining Health Care Disparities in Atopic Dermatitis Care
July 21, 2022 Webcast
Ljungqvist, Cochran, Craner, Parrish
Developing an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocol: Best Practices to Reduce Complications in Surgical Patients
June 30, 2022 Webcast
Kushner, Fujioka, Stanford
The Epidemic Within the Pandemic: Managing Complications in Populations with Obesity
June 30, 2022 Webcast
Bhatt, Kido, Nutescu
Weighing the Evidence: A Pharmacy Approach to Stroke Prevention in Obese Patients with Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation
June 14, 2022 Webcast
Bogan, Dauvilliers, Weaver
Hitting Refresh on Excessive Daytime Sleepiness: Managing Patients with Narcolepsy and Idiopathic Hypersomnia
June 5, 2022 Webcast
Rubin, Dalal, Regueiro
Ulcerative Colitis in the 21st Century: Incorporating Guidelines and Real-World Evidence in Practice to Enhance Patient-Centered Care
May 25, 2022 Webcast
Rubin, Afzali, Long
Opening the Window of Opportunity: Strategies for Successful Treatment and Management of Patients with Crohn's Disease
May 12, 2022 Webcast
Chen, Huhn, Savoy
Bench to Bedside OnDemand: The Growing (Anti)body of Evidence for the Treatment of Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19
April 26, 2022 Webcast
Blackstock, Malvestutto, Mena
Disparities in HIV Care: The Mounting Epidemic Plaguing African Americans
April 16, 2022 Webcast
Proud, Neil
Evidence-Based Strategies to Facilitate Access to Therapies for Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
April 7, 2022 Webcast
Kowdley, Lim, Wang
Test Your Knowledge: An Interactive Session on Emerging Data and Expert Insights on Hepatitis B
March 31, 2022 Webcast
Gold, Abubaker, Alden, Judd, Mir, Schmidt, Stanos
Time to Listen: What the Experts Have to Say About Safe Opioid Prescribing and Addiction Treatment
March 31, 2022 Webcast
Stanos, Gebke, Skolnik
Heeding the Call for Safe and Responsible Pain Management in Our Communities
March 16, 2022 Webcast
Advancing Precision Medicine for PTSD in Civilians and Military
March 16, 2022 Webcast
Conceptualizing Novel Early Life Interventions for Anxiety and Depression
March 16, 2022 Webcast
Clinical Decision Making in OUD Management: Treatment Selection and Implementation
March 8, 2022 Webcast
Chitnis, DeLuca, Krupp
Rethinking Routines in Multiple Sclerosis Management: What the Future Holds for DMTs and Cognitive Assessment Strategies
March 3, 2022 Webcast
Silverberg, Chiesa Fuxench, Gooderham
Signals of Change in the Management of Atopic Dermatitis
February 4, 2022 Webcast
Regueiro, Ha
Unlocking the Value of Biosimilar Therapies in IBD
January 27, 2022 Webcast
Gibofsky, Mease
All Hands: Integrating a Team Approach to Risk-Benefit Individualization of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis Therapy
January 13, 2022 Webcast
Racke, Cross, Williams
Finding Your Footing in the Shifting Landscape of Multiple Sclerosis
December 31, 2021 Webcast
Schaffner, Cunningham, Gorfinkel
Giving Shingles Immunization Your Best Shot: Implementing a Shingles Vaccination Protocol in Your Practice
December 31, 2021 Webcast
Gold, Alden, Nickel, Stanos
Putting Pressure on Opioid Prescribing: Novel Approaches to Pain Management
December 31, 2021 Webcast
Gold, Stanos
Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: A Call to Action to Save Our Communities
December 31, 2021 Webcast
Gold, Berry
Thinking Outside the Box: Novel Strategies to Improve Outcomes in Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)
December 18, 2021 Podcast
Chiriboga, Pannier
Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve Access to Therapies for Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
December 8, 2021 Webcast
Regueiro, Rieder, Rubin
COVID-19 and Its Impact on Patient Care in IBD: What Clinicians Need to Know


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