What is joint sponsorship?

When an accredited provider like CME Outfitters plans and presents one or more activities in partnership with a non-accredited organization, they are engaging in "joint sponsorship." This relationship is also known as "co-providership" or "co-sponsorship," depending on the type of accreditation.

What are the fees to joint sponsor with CME Outfitters?

This will depend on many factors such as the number of participants, number and type of CE credits to be offered, and any educational services required. Please contact Beth Brillinger or complete the Request More Information form so that we can provide an accurate estimate of our joint sponsor fees.

Can we partner with CME Outfitters to provide CE credit for an event that has already taken place?

No. An accredited provider can only engage in joint sponsorship if they are involved from the initial planning stages.

We are an ACCME-accredited organization specializing in CME for primary care physicians. We are planning an activity scheduled for later this year and would like to offer ACPE credit for pharmacists in addition to CME credit for physicians. Can we partner with CME Outfitters for just the ACPE credit?

Yes. We realize that many accredited organizations focus on providing continuing education to specific disciplines and occasionally offer an activity suitable for other members of a treatment team. As a multidisciplinary accredited provider, CME Outfitters is capable of helping you expand the scope and reach of your target audience.

If we engage in joint sponsorship with CME Outfitters, who is responsible for faculty recruitment, content validation, and certificate processing?

Specific functions and responsibilities will be outlined early in the planning process and documented in a letter of agreement. And while some responsibilities may be split or shared, CME Outfitters, as the accredited provider, is ultimately accountable and must retain final responsibility and authority over all aspects of the CE activity.

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