April 27-29, 2018

The third annual Otology Fellows Congress and Advanced Course in Ear & Skull Base Surgery at the Yasargil Surgical Skills Laboratory & Education Center at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, AR will be a unique and outstanding opportunity for 24 otology/neurotology fellows-in-training to focus on advanced surgical techniques that are well beyond the scope of a typical temporal bone course while networking alongside other otology/neurotology fellows from all around the world.

Lead by program chairs Michael Gluth, MD, John Dornhoffer, MD, Walter Kutz, MD, and Brandon Isaacson, MD, this course will include lectures and extensive laboratory dissections covering topics such as advanced soft tissue techniques/local flaps, malleostapedotomy, endoscopic ear surgery, complex ossiculoplasty, mastoid cavity obliteration, difficult cochlear implant cases , as well as broad dissection sessions on a variety of lateral skull base approaches including infratemporal fossa, extended middle cranial fossa, translabyrinthine, jugular foramen, and retrosigmoid/retrolabyrinthine.

Priority registration is given those currently participating in dedicated subspecialty surgical fellowship training in otology/neurotology and it is expected that attendees will subspecialize in otology/neurotology during their careers.  As a prerequisite, applicants must have completed full training regimen in otolaryngology-head & neck surgery.  A total of 24 otology/neurotology fellows will be accepted into the course on a “first come, first served” basis. Accepted applicants will be notified by early March 2018.  There is no registration fee and acceptance will include lodging and meals. Registrants will be responsible for their own travel expenses to and from Little Rock.

Confirmed Faculty (others pending):
Dr.  Michael Gluth (University of Chicago Medicine, USA)
Dr. John Dornhoffer (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA)
Dr. Brandon Isaacson (University Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA)
Dr. Walter Kutz (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA)
Dr. Craig Buchman (Washington University, USA)
Dr. Samuel Gubbels (University of Colorado
Dr. Alexander Huber (University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland)
Dr. Bradley Kesser (University of Virginia, USA)
Dr. Lawrence Lustig (Columbia University Medical Center, USA)
Dr. Betty S. Tsai (University of Oklahoma, USA)

The full agenda for this conference is available to view or download in PDF format here.

Michael B. Gluth, MD (Course Director)
Associate Professor of Surgery
Director, Comprehensive Ear & Hearing Center and Bloom Otopathology Lab
The University of Chicago Medicine
Chicago, IL

John L. Dornhoffer, MD (Course Co-Chair)
Professor and Director
Division of Otolaryngology/Neurotology 
University of Arkansas For Medicine Sciences
Little Rock, AR

Brandon Isaacson, MD (Course Co-Chair)
Associate Professor
Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX

J. Walter Kutz Jr., MD (Course Co-Chair)
Associate Professor
Department of Otolaryngology
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX

Yasargil Surgical Skills Laboratory & Education Center 
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 
Little Rock, AR

Contact Information
Jamie Conte
Logistics Manager

This course is supported by an educational grants from Stryker